Past Events

Text Classification using Machine Learning in 2021

April 14th, 6pm - 7pm, Oradea Fortress, building I, 1st floor / ONLINE

Office Hours - Customer Development

April 8th, 11am, online

Let's talk Venture Capital #1 (guest: Dragos Nicolaescu)

April 6th, 4pm - 5pm, online

Office Hours w/ Cristian Negrutiu, Founding Partner at Sparking Capital

March 31st, 3pm - 5:30pm, online

Transylvania Angels Network: Office Hours#2

March 30th, 1pm - 2pm, online

Lean Product Development

March 30th, 6pm, online

Demo Day by Commons Accel

March 24th, 5pm - 9pm, online

Agile Talks #32

March 23rd, 7pm - 9pm, online

Hands-on Startup Legal Mechanics

March 18th, 11am - 12:30am, online

Virtual Bright Night #6 - smart city idea pitching event

March 18th, 5pm - 7pm, online


March 17th, 7pm - 8:30pm, online

Office Hours w/ Andrei Dudoiu, CEO of SeedBlink

March 16th, 11am, online

Virtual Bright Night #5 -idea pitching event for Romanian expats

March 11th, 5pm - 7pm, online

Design patterns and archetypes for a flexible product architecture

March 9th, 6pm - 7pm, online

Innovation Labs 2021 Timișoara Hackathon

March 6th, 9am - March 07th, 3pm, online

Virtual Bright Night #4 - idea pitching event for creatives

March 4th, 5pm - 7pm, online

Innovation Labs - sesiune deschisa de Q&A

March 2nd, 6pm - 7pm, online

Women in Tech

March 2nd, 4pm - 5pm, online

Innovation Labs TM Idea Jam - #3/2021

February 25th, 6pm - 8pm, online

NEXT FinTech DemoDay

February 24th, 2pm - 6pm, online

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